Beltways makes accelerating walkways (AWs) that allow pedestrians to power-walk through cities at 10x the speed of airport walkways—with no carbon footprint. Our patented modular system accelerates and decelerates safely.  


Based on our core engineering principles of simple, efficient, and elegant. Beltways' AWs are quickly produced, shipped, installed and maintained. 



High-capacity transportation is critical to meet the demands of urbanization. As humanity gets closer and closer together, we need to rethink how we get around. With a passenger capacity of 10,000 an hour for just 1/6th the space cars need, Beltways is a game-changer in urban mobility. 

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High-speed is just as important as high-capacity. Beltways goes 10x faster than airport walkways but starts off at half the speed. With our modular design, each module goes a little faster, giving the passenger a seamless experience. 


In some places, there just isn't enough room to install a moving walkway. With the elevated platform, people can cross underneath without having to walk around. The infrastructure required to elevate our light-weight modules is minimal compared to other transit.


For outdoor Beltways, the LED exterior is a game-changer for lighting the city skyline while leaving open the potential for a brand new form of outdoor marketing and public announcements. 


We need to accelerate the change to renewable energy. That is why transportation using electricity and solar power is so important. Beltways emits no pollution and is solar powered in outdoor locations.



Urban mobility is a fundamental building block of society. Unfortunately, we bear a heavy cost for today’s mobility, and it will continue to get worse if we don’t alter course.  The 20th century model of transit is no longer sustainable.


Today, many cities are moving away from a car-focused urban transit to a bike and pedestrian-focused urban experience. Unfortunately, some cities have already committed up to 60% of their urban space for roads, parking lots, and related infrastructure. This not only takes away from parks and green areas but also costs billions of dollars to maintain every year.


Inevitably, mobility will adapt to new technology. Like cars did to horses, Beltways can do to cars. High-speed moving walkways can be the next major step in mass transit. To prove this point, we compared our product to five other forms of transit across 10 different metrics.


Beltways operates as a Point A to Point B system with one entry and exit location per walkway. There are countless pedestrian activity centers, like airports, downtowns, and entertainment venues that would benefit from high-speed AWs, like .   


A team of experts in mobility, engineering, business, and government relations are on a mission to move humanity forward.  Our core belief is that humanity always has a better future, here on Earth. A future where walking and biking are the fastest ways to travel. Beltways is a B-Corp dedicated to a future with free, clean public transportation in all major cities. 


Our AW is the only high-speed moving walkway that can improve urban mobility at a lower cost than other mass transit systems today. Urban mobility is what connects people, builds community, and brings the city closer together. It is time to consider our options and reassess whether pursuing a “driver-less” future is better than a “car-less” future.


We cannot allow technologies of the past constrain our vision of the future, nor allow one vision of the future constrain development today.
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Government CIO Outlook Magazine names Beltways a "Top 10" Smart City technology for 2019.
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AutoTech Magazine names Beltways a "Top 10" EV technology for 2020.